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Get to know Jill

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) 

I am a Licensed Master of Social Work, a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). I am currently offering both group classes and private one on one sessions; in person and online. 

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Certified Yoga Therapist
500 hour registered yoga teacher

My Story

I have come to yoga at many different times in my life. I first met yoga in college then after getting burned out while working in a Womens' shelter I turned to it again and got my yoga teacher training certification in 2003. I worked in health clubs and conducted classes on my own at recreation centers and a church. Since then, it has come and gone from my life.


When I first was introduced to yoga therapy, I saw more its benefits for others than what it could do for me. Then I started learning more and more and I came to see that EVERYONE can benefit from yoga therapy. So often, like me, people think that they are fine. Why do I need therapy? Nothing's wrong with me. That may be true, but what I found was that the things I thought I had figured out, the things that I thought made up Jill were actually just walls that I had put in place for protection. I wasn't really living my full potential. I was often unsatisfied with myself, with what I had, with my job, my clothes, trying to live up to a vision of myself that wasn't true to me.

It wasn't until really taking a deep dive into myself through Yoga Therapy that I have begun to find myself again. The journey is never complete, and it isn't always easy, but is always evolving and growing. Just when you have figured something out about yourself, another door opens and BOOM you learn something else about where you are; now, in this moment, not past, not future but right now. 

From my first essentials with Michael Lee, the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, I felt the potential for change. Since then, I HAVE CHANGED.  I am more patient and loving with my family. I am working on keeping down walls and I am more compassionate with myself and my other human beings. We are all connected. We all have our own stories, insecurities and fears but are not so different. We all want acceptance, safety, and love. What's your story? How might your story change if you take the time to listen, Be With and perhaps even transform. Lets take this trip together. Its already within you. 

If you are ready for a change within your life, contact me to open to your truth.

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