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Therapeutic Offerings

Three different ways to get the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Experience 

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One on One session

An in-person session using blocks, bolsters, mats, blankets and many other tools to support your body in supported yoga postures, meditation and integration into your life. Movements are based on your own unique needs and abilities, touch, no touch and low touch are available. It is catered to your needs and abilities nothing special needed, just showing up.

Online or in person


Group Yoga Therapy

Group facilitated classes of varying sizes. Slow moving to allow for present centered awareness. Classes are 60 minutes/2 hours depending on the class and focus on a specific topic. They have the same structure as the sessions: breath and movement, yoga postures, meditation, and life meaning. It's not your average yoga class. Check it out. 


Couples Yoga Therapy

Sessions for couples looking to deepen their connection with one another. Sessions are you are and your partner, significant other, or non romantic partner, being present with one another in a deep and meaningful way. It gives  you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one another and your needs. Sessions exist of both independent and joint movement and then reflective listening. 

Fee for service

Due to the personal nature of yoga therapy all people interested in a session must first have a 15 minute call to make sure it's the right fit 


  • session discount 3 for 2

* Discounts for mental health providers and other helping professions*

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