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Closed Lotus Yoga 

Open to your truth

certified yoga therapist
500 hr registered yoga teacher

Jill Covert, Licensed Social Worker

Slow yoga class: an in person 8-week class in Canandaigua 

Stressed? Not Sleeping? Losing interest in life? Feeling Stuck?


You must be wondering about yoga therapy.

  • What is it? Do I have to know yoga? Will I have to be really flexible or experienced?

    • NO. you don't have to know yoga. You don't have to be flexible or fit or any particular size or shape. 

  • What has brought you here? 

    • Looking for something to help you feel whole again, joyful, help you love life again, have less pain, better relationships with (fill in the blank)?

    • are ready to greet your true self, maybe even a self you remember being a long time ago, then yoga therapy might be right for you. It won't be easy, but it is worth the effort if you can allow yourself to reconnect to those parts of yourself that are buried deep within. 

Experience the transformative power of Yoga Therapy with Closed Lotus Yoga. Our approach combines meditation, yoga postures, body movement, and breathing to help you feel more present and connected to your body. Discover the benefits of healing from within and get ready to feel like a whole new you.

With the constant stimulation of our world, we are constantly being distracted from what is happening in the body.


We eat when not hungry, stay awake when our bodies want sleep, drink and take drugs to help us sleep, get energized or to calm down. It provides a chance to slow down and hear what the body is saying (through pain, sleeplessness, anger, depression, anxiety and on and on).


How does yoga therapy do that? 


Through guided yoga postures, breathing, and meditation.​ By simply letting what is there be there without judgement or criticism. 


What is yoga therapy?

Benefits of Yoga Therapy?

Medical Considerations:

Yoga Therapy is an alternative therapy that works with the body through movement, yoga postures, and meditation. Through supported yoga postures and movements the client is encouraged to tune into the body and to be with discomfort in a way that furthers knowledge of oneself.

Yoga therapy helps:



heart disease,

stomach issues,


helps you to sleep better,

have less conflict with others,

be happier.

Thats just the beginning.

By allowing you to slow down and accept what is, you are able to self-regulate your emotions and confront what is there. It allows for your para sympathetic nervous system to engage and allow you to relax and see yourself for what is really happening in the NOW. It provides a non-pharmaceutical way of managing stress, anger, frustration and pain in today's world full of expectations and over stimulation

If you have medical concerns or under the treatment of a doctor for a physical condition where it is advised to be careful in your movement then let me know what those concerns are, and we can determine if yoga therapy is right for you at the moment or if you might first need to clear it with your doctor before working with me. 


Contact Me

I am currently offering in person private yoga therapy sessions, group classes and couples sessions, in Canandaigua, Penfield and online anywhere else. If you are interested, please reach out to me. I would love to talk to you more about yoga therapy and the ways it can work for you. 

Parkside Greens Office Park
Suite 413

Canandaigua NY 14424

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